Chocolate Covered Oreos



That crunchy cookie and creamy filling we all know and love, but gluten free and covered in the highest quality chocolate. These can come in Dark, Milk or White Chocolate.

Also available Mint Oreos with Dark Chocolate Imagine if a Thin Mint grew up… and became gluten free. These dark chocolate covered mint Oreos hit the spot for gift giving or just a way to combat Girl Scout cookie envy!

And the Exciting! new Golden Oreo

Pre-Orders can only be picked up Tuesday February 13th 1-7pm or Wednesday February 14th 1-7pm.

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6 Dark Chocolate, 6 Milk Chocolate, 6 White Chocolate, 6 Mint Dark Chocolate, 6 Mint Milk Chocolate, 6 Mint White Chocolate, 6 Golden Dark Chocolate, 6 Golden Milk Chocolate, 6 Golden White Chocolate

Pickup Day

Tuesday February 13th 1-7pm, Wednesday February 14th 1-7pm