Chocolate Covered Strawberries



Chocolate covered strawberries are a delectable indulgence that combines the fresh, juicy sweetness of ripe berries with rich, velvety chocolate. Imagine biting into a plump, red strawberry, the chocolate crackling and melting in your mouth, revealing the burst of fruity flavor inside. The chocolate can be a variety of different types, such as creamy milk chocolate or intense dark chocolate.

Super Mix is Dark, Milk & White chocolate.

Strawberries can only be picked up Tuesday February 13th 1-7pm or Wednesday February 14th 1-7pm.

Additional information

Size and Flavor

12 Dark Chocolate, 6 Dark Chocolate, 12 Milk Chocolate, 6 Milk Chocolate, 12 Mixed Flavor, 12 Super Mixed Flavor

Pickup Day

Tuesday February 13th 1-7pm, Wednesday February 14th 1-7pm