About Us

IMG_0147Fera’wyn’s Artisan Chocolates was founded by husband and wife team, David and Joana Whittingham in late 2012.  Their love for one another and shared love of chocolate helped them launch their dream of quality truffles and confections.

The truffles feature local produce and dairy whenever possible which blend beautifully with the imported chocolate.  The flavors often reflect what is regionally available at farmer’s markets – such as the raspberry-lime Chambord and the medal-winning Limoncello.

David, originally from Australia, came to the US after meeting Joana while playing an online video game across the continents.  They laugh to think that they met when Joana was having problems “cooking” in the game and David rescued her.  The game is how the name, Fera’wyn’s, came about as well.  A bard character Joana played was named Fera’wyn, she brought happiness and rejoicing to those she met,  and just seemed the natural choice for their newest adventure – bringing happiness to others in the form of chocolate.

David, a graduate of Ecole Chocolate, and Joana, a self-taught artisan work together to create truffles that are both beautiful and flavorful.  Together they enjoyed additional training from industry professionals in Las Vegas, Santa Cruz, and the CIA – Greystone.

Fera’wyn’s continues to win awards for their chocolates at the Taste TV salons in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Monterey.  Three years running, they have received the highest award of six stars (Master Chocolatiers) from Taste TV based in San Francisco.  They also enjoy success many other venues throughout the US including Texas, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington.

David and Joana enjoy giving back to their community as much as they can – and support great foundations such as Whiskers, Tails, and Ferals out of Napa, the foster kid’s in Napa, and Home First which sponsors the “Rivers of Chocolate” in Saratoga to fight homelessness.

The logo on the business card reads “Forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate” – luckily, for Joana and David they didn’t have to make a choice.